VUWSA in strife

VUWSA this year seems to be a disaster site. It is over half way through the year and they don’t even have a budget yet!

There is a deficit, but you can’t find out how large it is. The VUWSA President is saying the the $99 student levy may have to go up… at the same time as Vuwsa is organising anti-university fee rise forums on campus. What is that word starting with H again?

And their recent by-elections saw many students not notified of the election.

Both the education vice president and welfare vice president have already resigned this year: and

There is a fallout between UniQ and VUWSA with VUWSA Women’s Rights Officer Caroline Prendergast last week described UniQ’s leaders as “fucking incompetent”, and alleged the group does little more than eat “shit loads of pizza”.

Salient and VUWSA seem to despise each other and there is talk of a change to Salient’s editiorial independence.

Semi-competent behaviour is to be expected when you have compulsory membership and no accountability. But this seems even lower than normal.

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