Girls vs Boys

The Sunday Star-Times has a series of articles on how females are out performing males at almost every stage of the educational cycle.

Some key stats:

* 30% more young women than men enrolled for bachelor degrees
* 40% more young women than men were enrolled for post-graduate degrees
* Women make up 57% of tertiary enrolments, excluding foreign students
* 60% more Maori women in higher learning than Maori men.
* Medical graduates who are male have fallen from 70% in 1978 to 39% today
* Last year 65% of Year 12 girls passed NCEA, compared to 55% of boys
* By 2004 there were 75,000 more women enrolled in tertiary studies than men
* Women are more likely to complete their qualification and take less time to do so.

A further story is here.

I wonder how bad male educational under-achievement has to get, before it is taken seriously.

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