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Felt gulity having slept in until after midday, and then heading straight into town, so have made up for it tonight by getting geeky and working out how to add some new features onto my blog. Google is my friend!

Biggest change is the main page now lists the five most recent comments in the side bar. This will be really useful to everyone who is not me (comments are emailed directly to me) to see recent comments, especially on older posts. For example not many people would have seen the comment by Mayor Michael Laws on the Michael Laws thread from early September!

I may need to increase the number of comments displayed from five, as today there have been 63 comments made so far. But I don’t want to have them take up too much room on the very crowded sidebar. Hmnn perhaps have them on a right hand sidebar – chocolate fish to someone who can give me the code to do this!

Readers will also now get to see some of the large volumes of comment spam made to older posts. Don’t bother informing me of these as they always are deleted and blacklisted, but I am not online 24/7.

Each post also now lists the category I have assigned to it, with a link to the category archive. I have increased the number of categories to include NZ General, Int General, Reviews and Blog (posts about the blog) as well as the existing categories of NZ and Int Politics, Internet and DPF (ie me). Suggestions for new or revised categories are welcome.

The main page also now lists below the calendar the total number of entries and comments.

Oh and keep clicking on the Google Ads – I need the money (okay I do not need it, but I want it!)

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