DPF 1, Tow Trucks 1, Other Guy 0

Popped into National Party HQ at Willbank House and found someone has nicked one of the National Car Parks, so I parked in the next door park, as was only in for 30 minutes for a couple of catchups.

Quickly did my business, and asked about the extra car, with staff confirming it was not meant to be there, but they were just going to give it a warning note. I was due to grab some tickets from Ticketek, but luckily decided to first go back down to the basement first to find a tow truck has just arrived and heading for my car. I beat them to it.

They tried to extort $40 out of me. I explained that I did have a legal park in the Car Park, and only parked where I did because the normal park was taken illegally, and I had to park somewhere while I went upstairs to invstigate. But they insisted I pay a $40 callout fee. I excplained I did not call them out and most certainly would not pay. As they had not yet connected to my car, I owed them nothing and was going to drive away.

They then got bolshie and said they would hook it up and tow me regardless. I said I would resist them doing that, and formally requested them not to block my exit. They refused and I had just pulled out my cellphone to call the Police.

At that exact moment one of the Party Officers came out of the lift, with a warning notice for the car which was illegally in the NZNP park. I used this to show said tow truck operators (there were two of them) that I was not bullshitting, as they obviously thought I was.

I suggested that the scavengers (sorry tow truck operators) could still get their 30 pieces of silver by towing away the car which was just going to get a warning, and the party officer happily concurred in this and gave authority. Even those who have a 65 IQ can work out a hassle free $145 is better than a contested $40 and several hours of arguments with Police.

So I went away happy I avoided having to try and physically stop the towies from touching my car, and calling the Police. The towies were happy they got their $145 (doctiors charge less!) and the guy (or gal) who was responsible for the problem (who had been there all day) will be most unhappy!

The moral of the story – never ever appease the bastards, but do seize an opportunity when it comes along!

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