Labour candidate parks in disabled park

The Dom Post reports:

Labour candidate has apologised profusely for parking her branded vehicle in a mobility car park in Hastings.

Lorck’s SUV was seen parked in the designated car park outside the Ellwood Function Centre, where she was attending a meeting of farmers.

Lorck is the Labour candidate for Tukituki, which takes in Hastings, Havelock North and Flaxmere.

She was “genuinely very sorry” and had “absolutely no intention to park there”.

“I had no idea. It was dark and I didn’t notice the signage. I was late and I arrived just before it started. The car park was full and I saw the car park and just parked,” she said.

In my experience mobility parks are extremely well signposted.

Lorck’s Green Party opponent in Tukituki, Chris Perley, who uses a wheelchair, did not wish to comment.

One of her opponents actually is disabled, and she still parked in a disabled park!

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