Labour candidate argues against science

writes in the HB Today:

If there’s one issue that could be the making of the Hawke’s Bay region, it’s taking a stand on genetically modified (GM) food production.

Absolute nonsense. Several dozen countries and hundreds of regions have banned GM food production. Can you name one of them? Can anyone? Have any of them done better economically than areas that have not?

In 2004 all 54 regions of Greece declared themselves GM free. How has that gone for them eh?

Our Hastings District Council also sees this as a defining issue for our region. It is the first council in New Zealand to protect our fields, orchards and other productive lands from GM releases.

That is not their job. That is the job of the EPA with actual scientists, not politicians.

It is also keeping our options open: in 10 years we will review that position, and if the world and has moved on, so can we.

Nonsense. Not one adverse event in 30 years yet the hysteria continues unabated.

So sad to see a Labour candidate campaigning against science.


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