Hard News

Russell has been trawling through some obscure (yet public) directories on Aaron Bhatnagar’s blog and found shock horror a pdf file of the NBR stories on Hubbard.

He also concludes with all the expertise of a CBS document examiner that they must be original files, not scans, and hence implies Aaron may have been involved in the decision to covertly print and distribute 30,000 copies of them.

If one scanned my hard drive, you’d find PDFs of the NBR articles there also, and I certainly had no knowledge about the covert distribution. And I received the pdfs on the Friday morning of publication. Incidentially I never thought there was anything at all wrong with distributing a newspaper story on a candidate. What was stupid and wrong was to not be upfront about it. Nicolle should have done a PR saying we think Aucklanders should make an informed decision, and to help them we are supplying copies of the NBR articles. Denying one knew about it, and paying in cash, was a horrendously bad call.

Russell also finds distasteful a parody ad of Hubbard. Once again if one could get into some of my backup CDs, you would find far far more vicious parodies of MPs from all parties. And before you ask, no I am not going to publish them, they are also being saved for my book 🙂

Russell does have a link to an excellent interview with Trey Parker and Matt Stone, about their Team America movie, which I enthusiastically blogged about a few days ago. It turns out that it was not just the oral sex scene between puppets which got canned, but also the golden shower scene. Those boys are really warped!

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