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Alan M kindly e-mailed me the Hittwise newsletter for October as I got a mention. It seems for the last two weeks this blog has been the second most popular local political website. The ACT website was in third place and Greens in first place. I am surprised a blog would be beating official party sites. Does anyone have the full top ten?

“New Zealanders are also turning to the Internet for local political news, views and updates. The most popular local political website this week is the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand’s site (www.greens.org.nz), rising from 3rd the previous week, and from 5th position in the last week of September. The site is the 445th most popular New Zealand website, a notable increase from 633rd in the last week of September, while in recent daily statistics it rose to 386th on October 11. When compared against political sites from around the world, the Green Party’s website ranks 5th, a reflection of New Zealand’s interest in international politics.

Occupying the 2nd position locally for the second week running, is David Farrar (www.kiwiblog.co.nz), another political blog offering frequently updated news, views and links of a political nature; while in third position is the website of Act New Zealand (www.act.org.nz), falling from the number one spot it held the previous two weeks.

With important political events on the horizon, the Internet is proving a viable place for individuals, and also political parties and organisations to express ideas and share information. Internet users are increasingly turning to the web for information about politics and current events, and are also using it as a platform to express their own views.”

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