McCully on Sex

The media have been unable to resist quoting from Murray McCully’s weekly newsletter on OSH’s new guide for sex workers, so why should I be different.

The full column is on McCully’s website. Click on the button to get the newsletter.

The full OSH publication is Sex Industry – A Guide to Occupational Health and Safety in the New Zealand.

Highlights quoted by McCully are:

“ensuring that all beds and other workstations support the back and allow for a variety of services to be performed without strain or discomfort.”

“Comprehensive training in the safe use of all equipment, particularly that used in B&D and S&M fantasy work, as well as training in correct massage techniques, should be provided to workers who use these techniques”

Now that OSH is in on the sex act, I expect us to see ACC and WINZ get into the act, and hundreds of payouts made to people for repetitive strain injuries from sex, or claiming of invalids benefits after an accident with a cat o’ nine tails!

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