Once again I say Maharey must go

As if the hip hop tours were not enough reason to sack Maharey, the scandal continues with community education.

Bill English reveals that Aoraki Polytechnic turned a business lunch into a community education event, so it could rort the taxpayers out of some more money.

Around $200 million has been spent on so called community education, which we have found out is radio singalongs, $15 million CDs, free cellphones, business lunches and the like.

This is a sum of money 800 times greater than what Christine Rankin was demonised for.

And to date not a single person has been held accountable. The Minister won’t be held responsible, not a single official has resigned, not a single provider has been sanctioned for these rorts. $200 million has been thrown away, and no accountability.

I have to ask where the media is on this? Sure they have reported some of what has happened, but with this amount of money they should be doing their own in depth research into all these rorts. You could easily find enough material to do a full page special report in a newspaper or a 20 minute item on a current affairs show. If $200 million of rorts is not worth investigating, what is? Where are the editorials calling for heads to roll?

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