Quotes from the National Front

Kyle Chapman is quoted on Stormfront as saying “Just to show how much we are affected by this event, we will increase our numbers of Demos. We will attend more of theirs and we will be at more of their gigs etc.”

Backs up my view that those who started violence against the NF have done nothing except encourage them.

But having had a suggestion to read the National Front bulletin board, boy does it remind me that they really are a vile bunch. Apologies for the following quotes which may get be banned on a few filters, but it is useful to remind people of what idiotic thugs most of the National Front are:

“i feel sick!!! everytime i see a fag ,transsexual or pervert!!! new zealand government must form a law that will terminate gay.”

“Where have the TRUE KIWI’S gone? Its all fricken Asian’s cross breeds… What are we coming to?”

“Hitler transformed his country from the poorest nation in Europe to the strongest nation in a little under 9 years of National Socialist rule. Now it’s little more than a shadow of it’s former glory.”

“Hail to everyone who is opposed to the Civil Union Bill and who thinks gays are an abomination.”

“ill be there for sure, anything for the future of my white children, and my fellow whites”

“gays should be put on a island so they can all f*ck thems selfs to death and get aids. problem sovled”

I really don’t know whether to laugh or cry at such stupidity. Maybe both.

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