Rodney on Tamihere

Rodney Hide has several new developments on the Tamihere scandal on his blog.

There is a link to Rodney on the Holmes Show pointing out that regardless of whether the payment was a gross or net amount, Labour just needs to produce Tamihere’s tax return showing the payment was declared.

Then we have the 1999 election return which doesn’t record the $18,68 donation by Waipareria towards his campaign expenses. Tamihere is fortunate that the Police can only act on complaints within six months of an election.

Today on TV One and Three we found out about the free Land Cruiser worth $40,000 which had Waipareria pay lease payments on, right up until four months ago.

And finally Rodney has a copy of the 2003 Register of Ministers’ Interests and Assets which shows a nil return, despite having the Trust pay $2,252 in insurance on Tamihere’s car.

I think, sadly, the only question now is whether John Tamihere resigns only as a Minister, or also from Parliament.

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