Wrights Hill Fortress

For many years the Wrights Hill Fortress was one of the best kept treasures of Wellington. Judging by the number of people I know whom I ran into up there today, it is now more well known.

They only open to the public five times a year, which works really well. Most years I will govisit at least once, normally to show someone around who ha snot seen it before. I especially enjoy the irony that the big gun cannon that was installed there, was sold in 1960 to Japan 🙂

A few photos of the various views from Wrights Hill are below.

dpf 019.jpg

A great view of Wellington from the lookout. The weird thing about this photo is I was meant to be in it, and the photographer insists that they had it aimed straight at me. Her theory is that somehow I am invisible to cameras!

dpf 020.jpg

One of the many tunnels down below.

dpf 021.jpg

A photo of the main entrance and some of the local volunteers.

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