Car Crash photos

Driving along Bowen Street I could not fail to notice that a car had not only driven off the road, but had somehow driven up a near vertical bank and wedged itself between the bank and a lamppost.

aa 004a.JPG

As one can see such a feat would be damn difficult to do, even if trying on purpose.

aa 005a.JPG

The car occupants were incredibly lucky they actually wedged into the post. If the post had not been there they would have probally rolled over several times onto the busy road. Or if they had hit the post head on it would have been messy.

aa 008a.JPG

The driver and passenger were not too badly injured, and could walk afterwards. The Police said they suspected they had been involved with some reports of cars being broken into earlier in the day, even though this car was not reported stolen itself. There was also a beer bottle on the road which had fallen out of the car, so I suspect the driver does not have happy days ahead. At least he is alive!

aa 010a.JPG

This photo gives a good idea of how steep the bank is. The car is at over a 60 degree angle.

aa 011a.JPG

This is the probable path the car took up the bank. The corner is not that curved so they must have been going an insane speed to lose it like that. A local resident said they often hear cars hooning it on this section.

aa 012a.JPG

A police car just starting to move. They got there after I drove past but before I grabbed the camera, parked and got back. Also I resisted the urge to try and sell my photos to the Dominion Post and did a charitable service by ringing them up and suggesting their duty photographer might want to pop over so they can get their own photos. Will be interesting to see if they did follow it up.

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