Holmes leaves TVNZ for Prime

The wonders of the Internet means we are amongst the first to read the news – in this case being that Paul Holmes will finish tonight with TVNZ.

The move to Prime can only be good for Prime as they are so small. Hopefully it might persuade them to invest in an actual news show – not just a news reader reading out stories.

For TVNZ the big challenge is the replacement. I can’t see who from their current team would be suitable. Susan Wood does fine as a fill-in, but this is about a show which reflects a host’s personality. Hey perhaps they should hire Michael Laws (yes I am joking).

My views on Holmes have always been mixed. The TV show is not a news and current affairs show. It is entertainment with a mild focus on news. It has been at its worst when it get pious, but its best when it is irreverent. Not that I watch it more than once a month anyway. But to give Holmes credit, he is exceptional in his ability to keep ratings up, and provide a show which many NZers find entertaining, even though professing to hate.

Where I have liked Holmes most was on his radio show on Newstalk ZB. He really is hilarious, and I tune in most mornings rather than to National Radio. Holmes at his worst is when they used to have him hosting election night coverage – keep him away from heavy news roles.

It will be interesting to see if his role on Prime is the same as with TVNZ. Also what will TVNZ call The Holmes Show for the rest of the year?

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