Fisherman’s Table Paekakariki

Had dinner at the Fisherman’s Table Restaurant in Paekakariki on the way back from Hamilton on Sunday at around 8.00 p.m. Was perfect timing as we sat outside and watched the sun set with Kapiti Island in the foreground.

It was rather cold so we moved inside. I had a seafood cocktail followed by griled chicken strips. No alcohol as were were driving.

The food was very average. Fisherman’s Table is a great place to take a family of kids for cheap seafood, but it is bland. Also any rsetaurant where the menu is also your placemat, is not a classy one!

The service was substandard with us being asked to order dessert before we even had our mains and general lack of attention. I didn’t pay but I think the cost was around $50 for 2 which was okay.


Food **1/2
Decor ****1/2 (for the view)
Service **
Overall **1/2

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