Hubbard loses a vote

Dick Hubbard appears to have lost the vote of a young lady. Her e-mail is below:

“Dear David

I do not understand what all the fuss is about the V8 street race. All I can say is that if Dick Hubbard was out last night I would have smacked him in the mouth.

My date for the evening, a highly eligible male connected with the streetrace professionally, who I have been frantically shagging at every available opportunity for three years, was so disappointed that the streetrace was going to be canned that it ruined what was to be a great night of sex.

We went out and I even paid for the drinks as I thought he would get over it and before I knew it, there he was so angry at Dick Hubbard that he forgot all I wanted to do was grab his Italian designer trousers and throw them over my bedpost.

Who does Dick Hubbard think he is? Bastard.

Even the name “Dick” reminds me of what I missed last night.


Grumpy female”

For Hubbard’s safety he should avoid the CBD for a few days, in case he meets grumpy female, who felt the need to ring me at midnight last night to regale me with how Hubbard had stuffed up her sex life. I was happily asleep, so told her to e-mail me, which she did!

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