I want heads!

Heads should roll for this.

Dog Biting Men has posted extracts from the NCEA Economics Exam. To quote one:

“Explain why using ‘free market’ policies causes income inequality.”

This is outraegous. For a state exam to take what is a highly controversial nad politically divisive opinion and state it as a fact, is not acceptable.

Hey if this is the standard of our school system, then why not let me set some questions, such as:

“Explain how Helen Clark keeps avoiding being charged for breaking the law”

“Describe why ‘socialist’ policies are a failure throughout the world”

“Discuss why the peace movement has been wrong on almost every issue for the last 50 years”

I would not object if the question was “Discuss the effects of free market policies on income inequality”, but to have a state exam actually state an opinion as fact is almost Orwellian.

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