SIS scandal gets murkier

The SIS scandal is getting murkier. The NZ Herald has done some good investigations and revealed that it believes one of the three alleged spies who claim the SIS has been breaking the law is Jack Sanders, who is of all things a former Labour Party candidate.

Mr Sanders appears to be involved in even more conspiracy stories than former Labour Party President Bob “the CIA murdered Norman Kirk” Harvey.

The SST journalist is standing by his story.

I blogged that there were reasons to be wary of the allegations, but that one still needed an inquiry. I stand by that, as we need the allegations debunked (and those responsible exposed) or if correct, exposed.

It is interesting that every party in Parliament except Labour have backed an inquiry. I am surprised that none of the Labour Party bloggers have commented on this issue, choosing to ignore it. Could you imagine their howls of outrage and coverup if Labour was not the Government, and National had responded to the allegations as Clark has done?

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