Stupid Latins

As many would have read, President Bush had to rescue one of his secret service agents from the idiots which make up Chilean security.

This will probably put his approval rating at home up by 5% or more.

The US Secret Service plan presidential trips down to the last detail. There are no vague areas. When Clinton came for APEC, we had visits from them over a year beforehand.

The Chileans were, to be blunt, being hot headed Latins who think that protecting people is some sort of game of oneupmanship. It was obviously totally deliberate, pre-planned, and stupid.

The Secret Service are required by law to be with the President, no matter where he is in the world. Their job is to block the bullet if need be. The Chileans would have agreed to this well in advance of APEC and to renege on their word is shameful. Their local media should be attacking their own Government, not Bush for doing the sensible thing and using his authority to directly intervene.

Rather ironic that the Chilean security officials were trying to be macho and assert their authority, and instead they just ended up looking like idiots.

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