Internet Law

Just started day two of an Internet (Web) law conference in Auckland. I’m attending in my role as Chair of the Legal & Regulatory Committee of InternetNZ.

Yesterday we had sessions on general Internet law, the Electronic Transactions Act, development issues, e-commerce and issues, web site provider contracts and of course spam. The last one especially had a very lively discussion, with a recent nine year sentence in the US against a spammer.

I’m not actually a lawyer myself, so was quite pleased that I found I was as up to date, or more up to date, with the other participants on the major legal issues in the key areas. I once did want to be a lawyer but I guess I should have concentrated more on law than politics at university!

They do have wireless connectivity at the venue, but one can only use it if you have an Xtra account. So it was with great hilarity I observed 2day Internet owner Peter Mott having to become a customer of Xtra so he could have Internet access. The empire has finally won 🙂

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