Popped up on Sunday to visit Megan and the ever growing new born. A brief but very nice catchup.

Megan very politely asked me if minded if she breast fed in the living room, and of course I said not at all. I’ve been in that situation with friends before and it is not at all an issue.

But then friends of Megan’s popped in, with their baby also. And the mum was my former agent. didn’t know she and Megan knew each other so it was a pleasant surprise to all to catch up.

What surprised me was that when the friend needed to breast feed her daughter, actually got a bit weirded just because it was the person I think of as my agent, rather than a close friend.

sort of laughed afterwards that I had such different reaction to the exact same situation in the exact same room. I suppose it was because one was expected, and the other more unexpected.

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