Road Trip Day One

The flight leaving Wellington at midday was gut wrenching. I’ve landed in strong turbulence before but not taken off in it. A few seconds after take off the plane was being buffeted so much we tilted around 30 degrees. I was in seat 1D and automatically exclaimed “Effing Christ” as my stomach stayed behind in the terminal. The stewardess who heard my involuntary expression giggled and said it had been even worse landing. It took around two minutes to clear the turbulence and it was a long two minutes.

Landed on time and then headed to the car. Unfortunately the Mercedes S Class was still in the garage, so we had the garage’s loan car 🙁


I had been warned to travel light as the car was pretty full. Yeah – no shit Sherlock. The only remeeming feature is that we were literally unable to exceed the speed limit, so hence no tickets. Oh we did once manage 105 km/hr ging down a hill!

Went to Wiri firstly to pick up my new laptop from the factory. The security guards all piss themselves at the car and tell us there is no room for anything more. Luckily we just squeeze it in.

Then we are heading south and we stop in Pokeno for ice creams. Now get this – the store there has a seven scoop ice cream on a double cone for $4.50. Amazing. Not even I was game to try that so settled for just two scoops. But if your kids love ice cream Pokeno is the place with 43 flavours to choose from and a seven scoop option!

At Huntly we pop in to visit the driver’s folks. Hilarious conversation entails:

Driver: What are those cards on the table
Dad: Birthday cards
Driver: For you or Mum?
Dad: Me
Driver: Oh when is it?
Dad: Today

How can you not know your Dad’s birthday?

After Huntly we hit Hamilton through Gordonton and popped in to visit Megs.


Zoe is only two weeks old, Finlay now a couple of years. I asked Megan when they start work on No 3, but she didn’t seem that enthusiastic 🙂 Stole some of her muffins which were yum.

We then grabbed some rooms at Rydges Hotel and hit town. Dinner with black russians at one pub and then we headed to the Outback where they had a quiz night on. Upon texting Miss Ten that we were at her former local, she advised that I should pinch all the first year asses so I’d fit in. For once I did not take her advice!

Didn’t do so well at the quiz as were were a team of two, but made around $8 on the slot machines. Then carried on drinking vodka on the rocks. Agreed we would check out at 9.30 am to carry on the trip. I wanted an earlier checkout but we compromised. Crashed around midnight,

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