$120 million non-contestable

One aspect of the waterfront proposal which needs more sunlight on it, is the decision to have Fletcher’s build the concrete base at an estimated cost of $120 million.

This looks to breach at least three core elements of how the should use taxpayer money.

1) Lack of tender

Generally all expenditure over $50,000 goes to tender. This is 2,400 times over the limit!!! Work does not need to start until April. decided not to tender it? Was it a Minister or official? Why can’t it be tendered with a tender granted in early Jan?

2) Ministers granting tenders

It’s absolutely that officials decide on sucessful tenderers, not Ministers. Otherwise the risk of Ministers being perceived to be swayed by their personal dealings (or from) companies is very real.

The key question again is which Ministers decided to give at least $120 million of taxpayer money to Fletchers, without tender?

3) No contract price

There isn’t even a contract price in place with Fletchers. It appears to just be a bill as much as it comes to approach. So, who thinks that cost won’t be increasing?

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