A better sentence

In July 2019 I blogged on a laughably light sentence of 30 months for for the following:

  • Driving too fast and swerved to avoid the victims’ car
  • Did a u-turn, followed them and forced them to stop
  • Demanded they pay for any damage to his car and threatened them that he was in a gang
  • They drove away. He followed them and tried to cut them off again.
  • They stopped. He tried to force the doors open. Hit the car. Swore at them and yelled his pit bull would eat them
  • They drove away. He went to some shops where he made racist remarks about the victims (they were NZ Chinese) and spotted them driving past.
  • He chased them for 10 minutes of over 140 km/hr
  • When they wouldn’t stop, he hit the back end of their car with his, causing their car to flip into the air
  • The car landed upside down. It almost slid down a steep bank. Two were thrown from the car.
  • He approached the upside down car and rather than offer assistance continued to yell racial slurs and threaten violence to the father
  • All five people in the car had injuries including a skull fracture in the youngest child

The Court of Appeal has seen sense and increased the sentence to 57 months.

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