Now this is racism and a hate crime

The Herald reported:

A young man has admitted a prolonged and vicious “racially motivated” road rage attack on a family in which he rammed their car off the road, sending two children flying through the air.

Yes he rammed a car with children in it. Why?

In March last year a Chinese-New Zealand family, including their two children aged 12 and 10, were enjoying a Sunday day out picking blueberries and driving around the Awhitu Peninsula near Auckland. …

Angered, Milne turned his car around and chased the family. He passed them at speed before doing a u-turn to cut them off.
He then confronted the family and demanded they pay for the damage to his car.
Milne, angry, shouting and swearing, also told them he belonged to a gang and was going to kill them.

So actual threats to kill. Not mouthing off online, but in person.

Milne ramped up his threats as he approached the family’s car with his blue-nosed pit bull dog.
Afraid, the family locked themselves in the vehicle, as Milne began hitting the car and yelled that his dog was going to eat the family.
The terrified family quickly fled again.
However, Milne’s racial rage would return.
After abusing the family, he drove to a nearby group of shops and vented his anger to several locals.
He said Asians were “taking over the country” and “f**king Asians” had damaged his car.
Milne also made a racist remark about the shape of the family’s eyes and said they had run away because he would get “the pieces of sh*t” deported.

This is about as racist as you can get. Disgusting stuff. I wonder why aimed at Asians tends to generate less outrage than other forms of racism?

Milne chased the family for about 7km and reached speeds of 140km/h, court documents show.
After catching the family he pulled up alongside them on the wrong side of the road and demanded the family pull over.
The family refused to stop, so Milne deliberately rammed their car, causing it to spin out of control, crash into a bank and flip in the air.

They’re lucky to be alive. I hope he gets a very long sentence.

The two children were violently thrown from the car during the crash after they had taken off their seatbelts because they were frightened of Milne and thought they might need to make a hurried exit from the car.
They landed on the road, narrowly avoiding a steep 100m deep ravine.
Despite the two children lying injured, Milne approached the car to continue his racist attack.
“Get out of the f**king car, I’m going to smash you! You f**king Asian c***! F**king Asians!” Milne yelled.

The kids are injured on the road, and he continues with his hate attack on them.

When Milne was questioned by police he said he could tell the family weren’t citizens.
He also said he presumed they were on an “illegal visa” and “Asian mafia” who had spent “two days in the country”.
Milne told police he was “at boiling point” when he saw the family drive past him at the shops and that “any Asian in general [he] wanted to hurt”.

NZ should have no place for this type of hatred and racism.

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