Reaction from the left

In NZ, No Right Turn is screaming. NRT talks wistfully about the Soviet Union haveing been a great beacon of hope. Funny, I always thought it was a bunch of murdering self appointed dictators who had as much relationship to hope as King Henry VIII had to monogamy.

The Democratic Underground are seriously suggesting that as Bush did better than the exit polls in states with no paper trails, then he has rigged the election in those states. Heh or the exit polls are wrong, but paranoia is so much more fun.

Daily Kos has great comments such as “No way the Bushies won. This is another attempt to steal an election.”, “What if the provisional ballots are overwhelmingly from Democratic precincts and Kerry gets 85%?”, “WE NEEEEEEED ANOTHER CIVIL WAR. THE SOUTH NEEDS TO BE PUT IN LINE–FUCK THEM”, and “They could easily have stolen 3 million votes. These are the most evil bastards that have ever walked the face of the earth.”

Oh this makes it all worth while. Reading these comments could keep me happy for weeks.

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