The Claytons Review

Have just been watching an old Yes Minister episode – the one where Sir Humphrey explains you set up a review to ensure nothing happens.

Then I read in the Dominion Post that the long awaited inquiry into the Treaty and related issues is to be announced. My cynicism is heightened.

But the review isn’t even a pale shadow of what was mooted, which was the equivalent of a Royal Commission.

Instead we get “up an all-party select committee to consider the make-up of the constitution” and “a separate government department-led inquiry would set up a ‘conversation with the people’ about the status and role of the Treaty.”

Oh yeah two inquiries – both dominated by the Government and allies – is really going to come up for anything different. The sole purpose is to neutralise support for the views Don Brash expressed at Orewa by pretending something may change in the future.

And don’t you just love the phrasing “a conversation with the people”. We the ruled will have the Government deign to talk to us, no doubt to inform us why our views are wrong.

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