Visiting Port Douglas

Went up to Port Douglas today. The drive along the Captain Cook Highway is very scenic, in fact has world heritage status.

Cairns 004a.JPG

This is a picture from a lookout along the way. Let’s just say I am not homesick yet!

Cairns 006a.JPG

This is Four Mile Beach at Port Douglas. Bill Clinton is known to like visiting here regularly.

Cairns 009a.JPG

We had lunch at the Mossman River which is a popular swimming and picnic place.

Cairns 010a.JPG

This is the bush in the Mossman Gorge. No snakes spotted, which I was nervously looking out for.

We then went to the Rainforest Habitat Wildlife Sanctuary.

Cairns 017a.JPG

A bird whose name I have no idea of, but beyond doubt my mother could name at 100 paces.

Cairns 027a.JPG

Another bird. This one has longer legs.

Cairns 029a.JPG

This is not a bird. I am pretty sure it is a koala bear.

Cairns 036a.JPG

This is a Kangaroo. And yes I did call him Skippy. Skippy likes to be patted.

Cairns 039a.JPG

This is another big bird. Not the one off Sesame Street though.

Cairns 043a.JPG

These are crocodiles. You are asked not to feed them.

Cairns 053a.JPG

A pretty bird.

Cairns 055a.JPG

A bird for Spanner – red and green

Cairns 059a.JPG

Cats back home, who are disappointed they did not get to meet any birds.

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