Around Cairns

I’m staying in an apartment at Yorkeys Knob which is ten minutes north of Cairns. It was 31 degrees which was damn nice.

dpf 050.jpg

This is Toby, named as he was born last month in October. As one can see he is barely larger than a glass. Very cute.

dpf 051.jpg

Almost every apartment block has its own swimming pool, and this is our one. They are popular as swimming at the beach can be umm challenging.

dpf 053.jpg

As one can see in this photo, one has the option of being devoured by crocodiles, stung to death by stingers, or devoured by sharks at the local beach. How nice to have the choice.

dpf 055.jpg

To minimise the tourist death rates, they have a fenced off area to swim in. The stingers can still get you within a metre of the fence, so you don’t want to rest against it.

dpf 058.jpg

Down in Cairns itself they have a big lagoon next to the beach where hundreds can swim for free. Lots of tourists.

dpf 059.jpg

The local bylaws allow topless sunbathing but not on the side next to the road in case it causes car crashes.

dpf 060.jpg

A photo of the main Cairns mall.

Today I am heading up north to Port Douglas which is around an hour away. It gives you an idea how big Queensland is, when you realise Brisbane is around a 25 hour drive from here!

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