Air NZ Premier Business Class

Ok well I just experienced the new “Premier Business” class on an Air NZ 747 and I have to say I am definitely impressed.

The TV screens are massive compared to most airlines. Really good for movies. And now they finally have a fully interactive entertainment system (Singapore Air has had one for years) you can pause movies for meals etc.

The privacy screens really do make it much nicer, and the fold-out to a bed works very easily.

The only small problem was hard to see out a window without turning the head around. But if you are lying down you get an excellent view.

I’d rank Air NZ cattle class 2/10, the old business class 6/10, the old first class 7/10 and this new premium business probably a 9/10. I haven’t tried the new premium economy class but it looks to be 5/10 – close to the old business class.

Am at the resort hotel and it is superb. All the rooms and paths are in native trees, next to the beach and a huge swimming pool with an adjourning bar. Mike M picked me up from Cairns and we had a great drive over Captain Cook Highway in his jeep.

Catching up with Stats Girl tonight, and tomorrow heading into the Daintree and up to Point Tribulation. All good. Hence very little blogging except maybe very early or late in the day.

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