Because a rental car is being picked up at 8 am (for driving through the Daintree and up to Cape Tribulation), I worked out getting up at 6 am would be necessary so one could pack for a day trip, shower, have brekkie etc.

Rather than order a wakeup call, companion insisted to rely on her cellphone alarm. And it went off at 6 am, and by 7 am we were all packed and ready to head out to breakfast.

I decided to turn on my laptop to check the news, and strangely the laptop was also showing it to be 7 am. Now my laptop always stays on NZST/NZDT so it should have been showing 9 am.

A look at the room clock shows it is 5 am!! Idiot had not changed her cellphone to local time, and hence we got up at 4 bloody am!!

Only redeeming aspect is it did end up giving me some time to blog!

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