More snorkelling

Wednesday was relatively quiet with shopping in town, a few hours at the lagoon and then back to the apartment. I found my key did not work for one of the locks, which back home would have been a source of some angst. Instead I merely spent three hours in the swimming pool until 8.30 p.m. – sigh I do love 31 degree water.

Thursday saw me return to the Reef for more swimming and snorkelling, this time to Green Island.

Green Island has stunning beaches, and some nice coral so happily spent most of the day there. They also have a swimming pool in the shade for when the beach just gets too hot.

Flying back to NZ today, but definitely returning to Cairns at some stage. I highly recommend it for people wanting a holiday – the flights are cheap, there is heaps of accomodation, and lots to see and do.

And one can only enjoy going to supermarkets where half the shoppers are in their togs only 🙂

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