Sure she did not notice the speed

NZPA is reporting that six people, including five police officers, are being charged over speeding to get the PM to the rugby.

The PM of course has denied she was aware that the motorcade was speeding. Well according to the reports we now have that it travelled 195 kms in 80 minutes.

This is an *average* speed of 147 km/hr. Now as we all know the average gets affected greatly by even a couple of minutes in a slow area, so it is safe to presume that at various times the motorcade was over 160 km/hr.

Now I have been a passenger in cars travelling that fast, and there is no way one would not be aware of the speed. Plus the little matter of the sirens and lights which I have never known for a NZ PM or Minister before.

The police officers may lose their job over this. I hope they do not. Yes thay made an error of judgement in not telling the PM that they would not speed and that she would miss her flight, but there is considerable pressure of expectations on them, even if unstated.

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