Wanted: ACT MPs

Rodney has a little problem with his list. If Prebble retires next year ACT will get another List MP to replace him. Now this is not a problem if it is another Kenneth Wang.

However the next list candidate is Paul King, and as reported Rodney has (sort of) talked him out of becoming an MP as he has a few umm business issues.

Trouble is next on the list is Owen Jennings who had a few business problems of his own when he was an MP. And after that is another ex MP Penny Webster. Personally I don’t think having ex MPs return is what ACT needs.

Down to No 14 and we have Andrew Davies whom I have never met, but from what I can tell of his writings he might be more comfortable in United Future (and the UF list gets scary when you start to go down it).

Next at No 15 is Dick Quax. Now that would be a good outcome – a Richard for a Richard.

So all Rodney has to do is convince Nos 11, 12, 13 and 14 to all say no when offered a place in Parliament – easy 🙂

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