What in God’s name is a limited fast?

NZPA has reported that a Tauranga pastor is going to go on a limited fast for 40 days to save society from evils that may result from the proposed civil union bill etc.

Now what the hell is a “limited fast” was my reaction. He explains he will not completely abstain from food, but would give up something for the 40-day period. Oh wow ho inspired.

Well if I was God, I would be rather upset at my pastor for his lack of diligence. This partial fast sounds like a diet, or just a way to avoid having to eat his brocolli every day. This is not going to save us from a lot of evils.

Could you imagine if the Church adopted this partial idea for everything? Instead of single people having to be celibate, we would only have to be partially celibate? Like we stay celibate during the day, and that will count. Or we don’t do any 69s for 40 days, and wow we are without sin.

Perhaps Pastor Trim could do what Bob Jones related a group of Indian fasters doing a few years ago. They fasted by relay – three of them taking eight hours each in turn. I think think they have been going for over a decade now.

Perhaps using the good Pastor’s ideas, gays can also be saved if they promise to be partially heterosexual for a few hours a day, or if they give up a certain type of same sex partner. Yeah promise only to sleep with clean shaven people and you are fine.

I think the only thing stupider than a “partial fast” is that someone thought it was newsworthy.

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