Christoper Harder

Just as Deborah Manning would be one of the first lawyers I would call if I was in trouble, I have to say Christoper Harder would probably be very bottom of the list.

As the SST reports, Harder has Harder has “travelled to Fiji, Peru and Waco, Texas, to negotiate peace and hostage releases”. What they don’t mention is that in every instance he was unsought and uninvited and half the time almost got arrested himself. To say he seems to have a messiah complex is probably unfair to Jesus.

Harder is complaining that being repeatedly brought before the tribunal has made him depressed. Well there is an easy solution – stop assaulting other lawyers etc.

I love how he says it wasn’t really his shouting at the Judge which intimidated her, but the fact he did it while opening and closing a five-inch blade which was a potential exhibit.

I’m sorry but is the man a moron?

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