Faux Pas Time

Well worth reading a very amusing thread of Tim Blair’s blog about bad faux pases. Over 100 listed so far.

Some of mine are not fit for this family blog, but I can relate one I have seen and one I did.

In my 5th form at Rongotai College, we turned up to school one morning to be told two fo our classmates had died with one of their mothers in a casr crash yesterday. We were all devasted and naturally sombre. A class mate turned up a bit later, and upon walking in the door to observe our normally vivacious class all quiet burst out with “Jesus what is wrong you you guys, you look like you are at a funeral”. He was horrified when told about Stephen and Paul.

One pretty bad one for me was at the Captain Cook tavern in Dunedin. We were watching NZ get dicked in a test match. The previous series was the one against the West Indies when a new Ken Rutherford scored an average of single figures and had been dropped. Observing how badly NZ was doing I commented to my group of friends, in my normal quiet voice, that we were doing so badly we should recall Ken Rutherford to see if he could increase his average from two runs per inning to three. The entire table went silent at this, and as I asked what was wrong, one of them pointed to the table next to me where of course Ken Rutherford was seated!

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