Media Competition

Great to see more competition in the media. Next year for current affairs at 7 pm we will have choice of:

TV1: Susan Wood/Mark Sainsbury
TV3: John Campbell/Carol Hirshcfield
Prime: Paul Homes/Alison Mau

Of course I’ll probably be watching Shortland Street to save me deciding. I suspect both TV3 and Prime will do well at expense of TV1.

On the radio side, RadioWorks will be offering “fresh and contemporary news and information”, in 21 centres from April.

And finally on the newspaper side, we now have the healthly competition on Sundays between Fairfax and APN. However I observed the political editor of the Sundary Star-Times (Helen Bain) having breakfast with the political editor of the Herald on Sunday (Jonathan Milne) at Astoria this morning. They are meant to be rivals and enemies, not swapping gossip. Someone should alert the Commerce Commission 🙂

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