The 20 most annoying liberals in the US

Right Wings News has their annual list of the most annoying liberals in the US. Many of them are the ones who actually got Bush re-elected because they went so extreme with their rhetoric and comments as one can see in the full list.

The summary is:

20) Linda Ronstadt
19) John Zogby
18) John Edwards
17) Jimmy Carter
16) Kitty Kelley
15) Bill Moyers
14) Andrew Sullivan
13) Al Gore
12) The Democratic Underground
11) MTV’s Rock The Vote
10) Maureen Dowd
9) MoveON
8) The Mainstream Media
7) Teresa Heinz Kerry
6) Chris Matthews
5) John Kerry
4) Dan Rather
3) Gavin Newsom
2) Ted Rall
1) Michael Moore

Michael Moore probably did more to get Bush re-elected than almost any other person. He became a major motivator for the right and moderate voters.

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