A win for humanity

One of the few good things, perhaps the only, to come out of a disaster like the tsunami is it reminds us of our shared humanity. Generally issues of race and religion are swept aside as we respond with compassion to the need of those affected.

Governments have so far pledged US$2 billion or so which is great. However what I find great is the private responses, because Government of course are not spending their own money.

Around 145,000 have donated almost US$12 million through the Amazon facility. Locally we have given more than $2 million to the Red Cross. Around the world hundreds of millions have been donated.

And it is not just individuals. At home Telecom are waiving their 0900 fee for the Red Cross. Pfizer is donating US$35 million, Coke US$10m, Cisco US$2.5m, Fonterra milk powder etc.

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