Anniversary Weekend

A fairly quiet but nice three day weekend. No big events but a number of small things, plus quite a bit of work on campaign issues.

Saturday had a pleasant few hours at the Malt House with ginger boy and Miss Ten, discussing work and other issues over some beers in the sun. Sadly my lack of folical covering meant had to move inside. Malt House is one of my favourite drinking places in Wellington – very handy and good clientele.

Sunday had lunch with law girl, where we discussed everything from magna carta to whether a government could rule by order in council alone.

Sunday evening had a lovely bbq next to the botanical gardens in Kelburnat the flat of OIA girl and TC girl. Huge amount of food, a nice Te Kairanga wine and after dinner port was the backdrop to animated discussions including me previewing potential extracts from my book. General consensus that the book is likely to face a number of legal problems.

Monday had coffee with Miss Ten as we attempted to do a for her, as her bank was keen on the concept of her living on her money, not theirs. Discovered that a second year student allegedly needs over $31,000 a year in living expenses which unfortunately gave a five figure gap over her income. Her future husbands (a category which am thankfully ineligible for, on basis of height) should take note.

After much negotiating we managed to reduce expenditure by $8,000 or so. My major sucesses were reducing coffee budget from $2,600 to $1,900, alcohol from $2,600 to $1,000 and hair from $1,000 to $500. I totally failed in reducing clothes budget of $1,200.

Over all the revised budget should mean that all money from the student scheme (which as it is interest free, you are stupid if you do not max it out) can go into sharemarket investments, allowing a nice return on capital when loan is repaid at end of degree.

We had dinner at Cuba Street Little to celebrate. Most amusing moment is when passing youth decides to show his appreciation of Miss Ten by pressing his face up to the restaurant window and kissing and licking it. This was not a pleasant sight. I suppose he thought this would so impress that she would run outside and do him there and then. He must have been visiting from the Hutt.

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