Full Disclosure

There has been quite a bit of focus in the US, including an article in the Wall Street Journal, on the fact two prominent bloggers were paid to be consultants for the Howard Dean Presidential Campaign, and that their disclosures were not as thorough as some deemed desirable.

Since I started blogging in July 2003 I have assumed that almost everyone knows my background and affiliations, but as the audience gets bigger this may not be as true as it once was. Therefore in the interest of full disclosure, I will link this statement from my front page as a permanent link.

Political Views

I self identify as a classical liberal, which the Institute for Liberal Values of New Zealand succinctly summarises as a belief in individual rights, limited government, private property, free markets, tolerance, and reason.

On the political compass test I score +10 (right) on economic issues and -6.15 (libertarian) on authoritarian/libertarian issues. One can seee NZ blogosphere charted here and NZ politicians here.

Political Affiliations

Since I joined Young Nationals in 1986, I have been affiliated to, and a member of, the National Party. I do not regard National as always right, but it is the party which I believe gives me the greatest opportunity to achieve the New Zealand I want.

As a volunteer, I established National’s initial Internet presence in 1996.


I worked in Parliament for eight years from July 1996 to March 2004. I initially worked as a media advisor to Ministerial Services when Jim Bolger was Prime Minister. I then had the rare privilege of working in the Prime Minister


I am a member of the Internet Society of New Zealand, the Centre for Independent Studies, and the World Wildlife Fund.

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