Police priorities

Just as the Whig did, I also groaned that the Police think it is a priority to go into bars to check if there are any intoxicated patrons.

That is just, to be blunt, fucking stupid. The Police include in their reasons “the health effects of heavy drinking, and people spending all their pay packets on booze rather than their families”. Again what the fuck has that to do with the Police?

And the Police have some real scientific tests to determine intoxication – such as glazed eyes or being loud. And their classifications of the level of intixication is almost as good as the US terror warning system of red, orange etc. Instead we have slight, moderate, extreme, and unconscious!!

In rare political unity we also have Spanner in despair over a community constable being taken off his duties for six months so sit behing a speed camera. She agrees with the Whig that “we don’t need more police, we just need them deployed in the real places where actual crime is happening or starting”. Hear hear.

I would add it would be nice if a dozen Wellington police didn’t have to waste their time every day dealing with anti-bypass protesters!

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