70% of Maori do not think Police are systematically racist

A Horizon poll of 502 Maori New Zealanders on the Police has found:

  • 40% think some individual police are racist towards Maori
  • 28% think there is institutional or systemic racism
  • 22% do not think there is any racism within the Police
  • 4% think all Police are racist
  • 6% don’t know

Now there is a huge difference between thinking some individual Police may be racist and there is systemic racism in the Police. If I was polled I’d probably say some individual Police are racist as of course with 10,000 Police, some will be.

The most interesting aspect has been totally ignored by media. 68% of Maori do not think the Police are systematically racist, despite the claims of certain politicians and academics. So the claims of the elite are not backed up by the vast majority of Maori.

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