Priest’s Celibacy

The Australian National Council of Priests has asked the Vatican to reconsider the ban on readmitting priests who had left the clergy to marry.

This reminds me of the Southpark episode where the Vatican has a meeting of its cardinals and priests to discuss how they can deal with the issue of all the publicity about child abuse by priests.

They focus on how they can stop the abuse being reported, and it is only one sole priest who suggest that the problem is not the reporting of the abuse, but that surely the answer is that priests should stop having sex with little boys.

This causes great outrage and one cardinal gets up and declares “But we priests are not allowed to have sex with women, so if we stopped having sex with little boys, well then we would not have any sex at all!”

It was a hilarious episode, and in the best traditions of Southpark there was some wisdom beneath the coarse humour.

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