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It was a good night at the Backbencher on Wednesday. We had around 20 there with lively conversation and another dozen ro so joined us as NZUSA finished their session.

We had bloggers from Kiwi Blog (me), Just Left, Kiwi Pundit, Darkness Net, Silent Running, I Hate Socialism, Gonzo, Big News, Holden Republic, Jeremy Naylor, .nz News and Views, Michael Ellis, Left and Lefter, Generation Y Not, Constar, and the VUWSA President, plus several readers and commenters.

It was great to put faces to names and I enjoyed the many debates we had. Also a pleasure to meet various VUWSA and NZUSA people, even though unfortunately I had to leave a bit before 11 pm to write a report, and just missed out on meeting Jeremy Greenbrook.

Thanks to Jordan whose idea this was, and who had to cope with a political imbalance until the NZUSA people turned up. Next time we’ll have to lure Idiot from No Right Turn down!

BB 004a.JPG

Jules, Asher, Mike C and Dave.

BB 005a.JPG

Jordan, Tracy, Stuart, Mike C, and Steven

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