Rodney’s state of the nation

The NZ Herald has a story on Rodney’s state of the nation address. His key goals are:

* to make New Zealand the safest country in the world with the “toughest” law and order policy;

8/10 – specifics would be good.

* to reduce the business and top personal rate to drop to 25 cents in the dollar and the 15-cent rate be extended up to $38,000

9/10 – that would be great.

* to let New Zealanders prosper by battling red tape and reducing government intervention

7/10 – everyone promises that.

* to achieve colour-blind government with one law for all New Zealanders;

8/10 – yep.

* to encourage immigration of people with needed skills and create a society expatriates will want to return to;

7/10 – immigration is good when done properly. A bit lackong on details but good to see it mentioned.

* to create better social policy by involving the private sector more in health care, giving parents a choice in schools by allowing their taxes to go to their school of choice whether it be private or state, and reforming welfare so only the truly needy can get it.

8/10 – all good stuff

Average rating – 7.8/10 – a merit under NCEA, and a B+ under normal systems 🙂

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