United Future election platform

Peter Dunne has laid out his election wish-list. As most of it is meaningless drivel, he will be able to form a coalition with anyone from ACT to the Greens. And in fact his policy is to do exactly that – back the largest party regardless of their policies.

His list includes:

* Safe and secure communities with more support for the police and a crackdown on gang earnings from illicit drugs;

Well sure who is against safe and secure communities.

* More support for outdoor recreation and high performance sport;

More apple pie and motherhood. This oen done to keep newly merged Outdoor Recreation Party happy.

* More recognition for the role of parents through income splitting for parents raising children;

The only specific pledge. Will never happen with Labour.

* Security in retirement with superannuation payments reflecting the cost of living;

Means nothing, super in fact already increases by far more than the cost of living.

* A reformed student loan scheme to cut current and future debt levels;

And hey without a single detail as to how.

* A new sense of national pride built around the promotion of national identity and a new national day;

More apple pie.

* Stable government where commonsense has replaced political correctness.

Ha – UF rail against Labour as being the most politically correct government ever, yet their commonsense is to keep them in power.

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