350 cars

I was staggered to listen to the House and hear that Te Wananga has over 350 staff cars (link to Rodney). They even get groomed at our cost every fortnight.

Prebble asked Mallard whether this would not be more staff cars than the rest of the education sector combined. He agreed that it would definitely be more than the rest of the tertiary sector.

Let’s be blunt – this is a rort. Just like $15 million CD and the radio sing-a-longs were rorts. Their only aim is to enrich a few people at taxpayer expense.

The total cost of these rorts is staggering. It is in the hundreds of millions from what I can tell. The amounts involved are almost up to the magnitude of the UN Oil for Food scandal and at least they had some oil to show for it.

There is a job here for a hard working investigative journalist to go through the last five years of tertiary and community funding and do a comprehensive article on how much has gone on scams.

Labour let this happen on their watch. It has been growing in size for the last five years and they have done next to nothing until English and others exposed this. For this alone they deserve to lose office.

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